Happy New Year!


School Breaks
***Students Do Not Report*** 




ALL DAY - January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

ALL DAY - March 19-23 - Spring Break

HALF DAY PM - April 6 - Parent/Teacher Conference Day






Albertville Primary School / Albertville Elementary School


Small Learning Communities




School Within a School (SWS)


1st grade - Amy Langner, Alyssa Rains, Debbie Howell


2nd grade - Amy Hope, Brandee Sims, Wendy Hasty


3rd grade - Tristen Spicer, Jessica Hulgan, Kari Harris


4th grade - Melanie Gibson, Nikki Thomas, Buffy Bell


Adventure Academy (AA)


1st grade - Chelsie Arnold, Magon Canady, Mona Barksdale, Amy Cochran, Becca Parker


2nd grade - Robin Gregg, Reshia Massey, Heather Busha, Felicia Turner


3rd grade - Dana Hudgins, Erin Lang, Heather Kirby, Jamie Schrimsher


4th grade - Ashley Burns, Shelia Powell, Julie McGowan, Thomas Stanley


Aggie Book Club (ABC)


1st grade - Jessica Dooley, Meagen Minnix, Savilla Mountain, Lauren Ramsey, Katie Battles


2nd grade - Tammy Dobbs, Abby Jones, Julia Kate Nelson, Elisabeth Royer


3rd grade - Leigh Ellen Davis, Lindsey Duquette, Carrie Dixon, Kara Jones


4th grade - Austin McCullars, Amy Allen, Ashley Jester


A Community of Extraordinary Students (ACES)


1st grade-Hannah Ballentine, Kelsey Luce, Emily Bender, Brooke Bishop, Renona McCullars, Susan Smith


2nd grade - Rebecca Foley, Jennifer Rains, Mary Ann Stanley, Wanda Turk, Lori Darnell, Ashley Isom


3rd grade - Tish Dodd, Crystal Donovan, Tina Seay, Betty Wisner


4th grade - Crissia Pankey, Neva Howard, Angel Gray, Marsha Mason


The End Zone


1st grade - Katie Baugh, Misti Harding, Amanda Masters, Courtney Waldrop, Lauren Cain


2nd grade -  Jeana Diamond, Rachel Reese, Rebekah Woodall, Heather Garrison, Julie Massey


3rd grade - Jenny Key, Cinda Taylor, Audra Sanders, Parker Tarvin


4th grade - Samantha Childers, Kasey Earnest Melinda Crowden, Jodi McClendon


Leadership Academy (LA)


1st grade - Macey Gray, Jillian Campbell, Rachel Knott,  Michelle Parr, Patricia Wilson, Brenda Stanfield


2nd grade - Jordan Whitis, Johnna Floyd, Lydia Leija, Jenifer Baugh, Kathy Denney


3rd grade - Michelle Harris, Jessica Sheffey, Stephanie Williams, Jordan Shelton


4th grade -  Joyce Freshwater, Chelsea Selvage, Angel Mozley






How to Access eBooks 




Through the Internet:


  1. Search for Albertville City Schools (www.albertk12.org)
  2.  Choose Albertville Primary from the “Schools” tab
  3.  On the left side of the screen are links; go to the Library link
  4.  Click on the icon of the red book with a smile on the spine ( this will take you to our search engine, Destiny Quest)


Once you have gotten onto the Destiny Quest site you will be able to search our library for eBooks by subject (i.e. bird eBooks, shape eBooks, farm eBooks…), or simply type in eBooks in the search box to see the eBooks we have available. Choose the book you want by clicking on the book or the title of the book. You can play the book by clicking on the Open button or go to the “Electronic Resources” and click the Read the Interactive eBook Now! link. 


I would love to help you with any questions you may have! Feel free to contact me in the library or by email.




Happy Reading!


Jennifer A. Young

APS Librarian






















































































































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